Rules of Conduct
General Rules of Conduct — Summary of By-laws


1. Meetings shall be held on every Wednesday of each week in each month beginning at 7:00 a.m. and continuing until 8:30 a.m. sharp unless otherwise determined by the Executive.

2. Each meeting is held at White Spot on Dilworth unless it's an on-location meeting where a notice will be sent out by the President ahead of time where it will be. The attendance will be taken at every meeting.

3. All Members shall be required to attend each weekly meeting in order to remain in good standing. Should a Member miss more than 10 meetings in a 12 month period the Member will be under review by the Executive and their business category is subject to being canceled and replaced.

4. Only One Member from each designated business category, as determined by the Executive in consultation with the existing Members in good standing, shall be accepted as a Member.

5. All Members are required to register as Members and to pay a membership fee in the sum of $250.00 or as otherwise determined by the Executive.

6. If a Member comes due for renewal on their membership, the renewal fee is only $100

7. All Members shall be responsible for paying their breakfast dues of $60 for the first Wednesday of the month.

8. Unless otherwise determined by the Executive, Guests shall be allowed to attend a maximum of 3 meetings, after which they shall be asked to apply for membership in the OBR Group. The first meeting is free for a guest and subsequent meetings we will ask you to pay $15 to cover your breakfast costs.

9. Unless otherwise determined by the Executive, all members shall be required to pay their breakfast fees on the first Wednesday of the month. If a member fails to pay for his or her dues, they will get a warning from the President. If the member should fall into arrears for 2 months, the president may ask that member to leave the group.

10. Meetings will be run by the Executive and will follow the OBR Group's Agenda, which may be modified or altered from time to time by the Executive, at their sole discretion.

11. Any member wishing to see changes in the group may bring their recommendations forward to the attention of the Executive for further consideration and or a vote.

12. Every member must uphold the constitution and comply with the by-laws and rules of conduct of the OBR Group.